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Cozy Fall Getaways

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Fall. That magical time when leaves turn to works of art, the air smells cool and crisp, and you can't go 10 feet without running into pumpkin spice something.

Fall often brings with it the desire to spend time with a good book, to have friends over for dinner, or to simply cozy up by the fire. But, for those of us who can't seem to shake the travel bug, it can also bring the challenge of figuring out where to go next.

Thankfully, some of the world's most beautiful places are also at their coziest this time of year.


For the Nature Lover: Iceland

Glaciers? Check. Wildlife? Check. Northern Lights? Check.

Iceland is a Nordic paradise, full of friendly culture, unspoiled beauty, and incredible experiences. It's a 5 hour flight from New York, making this an easily- accessible destination from the US. Grab your layers, your hiking boots, and your sense of adventure for a day spent exploring all the beauty around you - and then come back to warm up by the fire with a local brew.


For the Weekend Getaway: Asheville, North Carolina

Spend a weekend soaking up the colors, sounds, and tastes of Fall with a trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Tour historic Biltmore Estate, drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, sample street food at one of the many festivals and events, or simply wander Downtown's shopping district. Don't forget a stop in Malaprops or the Battery Park Book Exchange.


For the Beer Lover: New England

No need to fight the crowds at Oktoberfest. New England is full of great craft breweries. Rent a car, and drive up the East Coast to experience stunning coastlines and winding roads bursting with fall colors. With plenty of breweries along the way, you're sure to find something you like.


For Romance: Crete

Shoulder season in Crete means fewer crowds, but still glorious weather. Head over to Crete for endless options - will you spend the day lounging in a plunge pool, feeding each other the best wine and olives you can find? Or will you travel back in time with a tour of Knossos Palace? Perhaps you'll journey to Balos Lagoon or Elafonisi Beach for a breathtaking beach break. Whatever you choose, this is the place where connections are formed and memories are made.


At She’s All Booked, we believe life is about going places. Whether that’s through packing a suitcase or turning a page, we’re committed to providing authentic, enriching, memorable escapes. Every trip is completely personalized to the traveler, taking into account your travel style, preference, wish list, and personality. And, every journey is accompanied by a hand-selected book we think you’ll enjoy.

We'd love to help you brainstorm the perfect getaway. Contact us today for your custom quote.


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