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Why Your Dream Team Needs a Travel Specialist

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Buying a house. Maintaining your car. Reaching your fitness goals. Achieving the perfect hair cut or color. Renovating your kitchen. Doing your taxes.

Sure, you can do them all yourself. But for the best results, you call in the pros. Planning a vacation is no different. When you want a stress-free, enjoyable, perfect-for-you trip, it helps to have a Travel Specialist at your back.

I'll be the first to admit, the only thing I love as much as going on vacation is planning one. Before I started this business, I was one of those who scoffed at the idea of using a travel specialist. After all, I could do everything they could do. Right?

Well, yes and no.

It’s true, anyone with a little time and patience can successfully plan and book a vacation. There’s definitely no shortage of relatively easy-to-use booking sites, and thanks to Pinterest, even complex custom itineraries are a dime a dozen. So that begs the question – why on earth would anyone use a travel specialist?

It’s pretty simple, actually: when you work with a travel specialist, you end up with a stress-free, completely personalized experience.

We Save You Time and Money

Here’s the thing: we have access to literally dozens of booking sites, each with different packages, inventory, promotions, and options. We recently priced a trip to Cancun on three different sites. The price differed on all three sites (anywhere from $30 to $200), the flights were different on two, and half of the room types weren’t available on one of them. Then, for fun, we compared our results to a public site – and guess what? Different choices, different rates. Plus, our packages all included tour credits, resort credits, and transportation – something the public site charged extra for.

We're also able to hold your reservation for a deposit, so you can pay for the trip in multiple payments. We can also put things on hold, locking in the price for up to 24 hours until you’re ready to book. (This is especially helpful if you need to confirm with a spouse, friend, etc.)

And if you’re still not convinced, most travel specialists can price match a price you find online.

How else do we save you time? Let's be honest. Some of us love reading everything we can get our hands on about a place. Some of us don’t – some of us are content to show up and have someone tell us what to do. The amount of information out there is staggering, and travel specialists have ALL OF IT. There’s a huge network of us ready and willing to share knowledge, so if we don't know something, rest assured we’ll find out.

Can you imagine the time it would take to search everything you could find, keep track of all the options, and then be sure you’re getting the best value? A recent travel industry report estimated that the average traveler spends over 30 hours planning a trip. How much is your time worth?

We Have Special Connections

Celebrating a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, girls trip, graduation? We’ll make sure you have a cake waiting or a banner on your door. Looking for the best jerk hut in Jamaica? We know exactly where to send you, and we’ll even set up a reputable driver for you. Traveling with friends? Our connections can help make sure your rooms are close to each other – or not.

We also have different inventory than a lot of your publicly available sites…which means, if you can’t find the room or flight or excursion that you want, we might be able to. Similarly, if a hotel is overbooked, you’re a whole lot less likely to get “walked” if you’ve booked with an agent versus booking online yourself.

In other words, if you have a request, a preference, or just want something special, we're your people. (Though please remember, we aren't miracle workers. We'll do our best, but even we can't promise the moon.)

We Have Your Back

Much as we all hope our vacations are seamless and stress-free, things do happen. Airlines cancel flights, hotels overbook, theme parks close for private events. Dealing with problems is the last thing anyone wants to do on vacation, especially when you’re far from home or encountering a language barrier. One call to us will have everything put back to rights faster than you can figure out what happened.

We’ll also do our best to prevent problems. We won’t book you on a flight with a short connection. We’ll make sure your room doesn’t face a concrete wall. And we know exactly what you’ll need to travel to a foreign country, so you don’t have to worry about not having the proper documentation.

We Truly Want You To Love Your Trip

This is the biggie. The best travel specialists are passionate about travel, sure, but they’re also passionate about people. A good travel specialist takes the time to get to know their clients – after all, your trip is about YOU! We’ll learn what you like, what you don’t like, and we’ll guide you along the way. Because we love travel so much, we want you to love it too. And you can’t love travel if you’ve had a mediocre trip… so we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you have a FANTASTIC trip.

If you’re ready to book, head on over to the How It Works page! 


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