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How to Recreate a Luxury Hotel Experience at Home

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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There's nothing quite like the luxurious feeling of a night spent in a posh hotel. From the heavenly bedding, to the smell-good shampoo, luxury hotels certainly know how to satisfy all our senses.

There's no reason you can't recreate the experience at home, however! Whether you're unable to travel or are simply looking for a way to practice a little self-care, keep reading for a few simple ways to transform your everyday to one of indulgence.

Create Your Own Dream Bed

Hotel beds are known for crisp, clean sheets and tons of fluffy pillows. There's no need to invest in new sheets (though we certainly don't blame you if you do!) - just put some fresh ones on! Give your pillows a wash and dry while you're at it, and swap out your tried-and-true comforter for one that feels like a cloud. Feel like splurging? Upgrade your mattress pad to a feather topper. We've spent a lot of nights in hotels, and highly recommend Marriott's.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

It's your bathtub's time to shine, friends. Diffuse soothing essential oils like lavender, rosemary, or sandalwood. Turn down the lights, and light a candle. Fill that tub and add your favorite bubble bath (we like this one) or bath bomb. Props if you have a glass of wine as well.

Pressed for time, or not a fan of baths? Upgrade your shower routine with some luxury toiletries from Malin + Goetz or Lather.

Don't forget the fluffy robe and bunny slippers - no judgement here.

Crawl Back in Bed with a Warm Cup of Coffee

So often, we rush through our morning coffee. We're watching the news, driving to work, checking emails, or rushing out the door. Take some time to savor your morning brew. Prep your machine the night before, and place it in your bedroom. Brew that first cup, and then crawl back in bed to enjoy it - still in jammies, with that fluffy comforter pulled up to your chin. Our personal favorite is Cafe Britt.

Invest in Small Luxuries

Small changes can have large impacts. Add a vase of fresh flowers, or a beautiful mirror. Hang a piece of art you love, or a framed photo. Upgrade your plastic hangers to velvet. Swap the water bottle for a carafe. Buy a heated towel rack. Showcase your jewelry. Display your perfume bottles.

Whatever feels luxurious to you, make room for it!

Enjoy a Memorable Meal

Gone are the days of sub-par hotel restaurants. Today's luxury hotels are home to some of the highest rated restaurants in the world, featuring renowned chefs and farm-to-table cuisine. Treat yourself to a memorable meal at home, whether it's takeout from that new place downtown, or trying your hand at cooking lobster tails (don't be intimidated - they're easy!).

The experience doesn't stop with the meal, though. Make it a point to sit at the table, with phones and the TV off. If you need background noise, play some smooth jazz or classical piano music. Use the fine china and the cloth tablecloths, and light a few candles. Linger over your meal....and don't skip desert!


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