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Deal Alert: Lifetime eSim and $50 worth of mobile data

Frequent travelers, this deal is one you definitely want to get your hands on!!!

Over on Stack Social, you can get a lifetime eSim and $50 worth of mobile data for $25. The eSim never expires, and once you load the $50 credit, it'll stay in your account until you redeem it for a data package.

The way this works: if you've got a newer phone (make sure you check compatibility here) instead of having to swap out your sim card in another country or pay for international data with your provider, you just download the eSim and load a data package for the country or region you're headed to. Leave the eSim installed, and next time you travel, just top up the data. It's so easy.

For example - for my Croatia trip, I spent $25 for two weeks' worth of data. I didn't even come close to using all of it, and I had my phone on nonstop. The only downside is it's generally data only, so you can't make calls unless you use something like WhatsApp.

Needless to say, I just grabbed one of these deals!

*This is an affiliate link. I may earn a small commission off your purchase.


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